Leadership + Team™ Effectiveness Assessment

The Change Coaches Leadership + Team Effectiveness Assessment™️ is a diagnostic tool built around measures that are fundamental in the workplace today — REAL Leadership, Psychological Safety, and belonging. Our Leadership + Team Effectiveness Assessment may be for you if you:

Leadership Effectiveness

  • Have been recently promoted into senior leadership and want to develop a data-informed 60 to 90 day team leadership plan.
  • Either run or are on the leadership team of a small company and don’t have big company resources for leadership development.
  • Were recently promoted to a bigger leadership role and want to assemble a development plan.

Team Effectiveness

  • Want to create a data-informed plan for building psychologically safe teams with a high sense of belonging.
  • Are leading a team in distress (high-growth, downsizing, or that are facing other challenges).
  • Are leading diverse, multi-generational,  or remote teams and want to improve team culture.

The data that informs our assessment

Did you know that…

People who feel like they belong are three times as likely to have a greater sense of well-being — something that’s very important in healthcare today.

Workplace belonging leads to a 56% increase in job performance.

Organizations that build psychological safety for their employees see a 30% reduction in turnover, 40% reduction in safety incidents, and a 12% increase in productivity.

According to a Frontiers healthcare study, the more employees feel psychologically safe and like they belong, the better they are able to serve their patients. 

Sources: Qualtrics, BetterUp, and Gallup, Frontiers

Our assessment measures psychological safety, REAL leadership, and belonging in all one place. You can read more about REAL leadership and why it’s important here.

What Options are Available?

Three options are available for purchase.

LEAD (1)

44 Question Self-Assessment

Download a sample report

Starts $450


44 Question Self and Team 180-Assessment

Download a sample report

Starts $650


66 Question Self and Team 180-Assessment

Download a sample report

Starts $850

Our assessments provide value beyond the reports. The chart below summarizes what each assessment purchase includes.

Want to learn more?

We have included a few resources here for you to review and share with your team to learn more.

Assessment Information Sheet

Download the sheet here

Assessment Pricing Information Sheet

Download the sheet here

Assessment Frequently Asked Questions

Download the FAQs here

What we people are saying about our assessment

Why work with Change Coaches?

Change Coaches is a team of leadership development professionals who work at the intersection between DEIB + leadership and team effectiveness. We are committed to changing workplace culture at its core. Our unique Leadership + Team Effectiveness assessment is aligned with this very commitment.

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