Culture Academies

Move beyond surface-level interactions to create real change in your organization.

Every organization we work with faces different challenges. Each has its own unique goals for creating cultures of belonging and/or eliminating toxicity from their workplaces. Some have specific growth areas to navigate. Others want to create an environment where all of their employees feel empowered to do their best work. While many organizations have these goals, some struggle with how to get leaders up to speed.

Your organization may want to invest in one of these services individually, but many of our clients find more success by combining a few of them to create a Culture Academy that’s custom-fit for their current needs. Our most common Culture Academy includes workshops, coaching, and the Change Coaches Leadership + Team Effectiveness Assessment®. However there is a menu of options you can choose from below. Participants will get a chance to open up about their experiences, learn some new concepts, and practice skills they can use every day. See our workshops page for topics and ideas.

Focused Cultural Change

Get inspired by some of our most popular Culture Academy topics and themes.

Creating Cultures of Belonging

Engage your executive team in the three pillars of Below the Surface Leadership: empathetic listening, psychological safety, and REAL leadership (relatable, equitable, aware, and loyal). Through team coaching, individual coaching, and customized workshops, each member of your leadership team will reflect on their own experiences and discover their unique role in supporting long-term organizational DEIB goals. Note: This culture academy typically kicks off with a Change Coaches Leadership + Team Effectiveness Assessment® or an activity such as DISC or Character Strengths.

Aligning on an Important Strategic Objective

Is your organization struggling with action and alignment around an important strategic objective? In this Culture Academy the Change Coaches team will partner with you to identify the source of misalignment, develop a change and alignment plan, and facilitate team coaching to ensure everyone is on the same page. This Academy typically ends with a comprehensive roadmap for lasting success.

Customize Your Own Culture Academy

Get re-focused during a big change or welcome new executives with team coaching, individual coaching, and customized workshops. Customized topics include transitioning to a remote or hybrid workplace, general team leadership retreats, team restructuring, and more!

Would you like to see what a Culture Academy looks like, and the great results one can create?

Are you solely looking for focused leadership development?

Check out our leadership academies where we combine 3-4 workshops with group and individual coaching.

Culture Academy Menu of Options

Listening Sessions (or Focus Groups)

Create a safe space to get honest, candid feedback from your employees on a specific issue or topic. We’ll begin this facilitated discussion by establishing the psychological safety your employees need to speak freely. Our team will respond to your company with an anonymous report—you will respond with your actions, with us by your side.

Customized Learning Sessions

Get your entire staff, department, or team in the same space to focus on a specific goal such as creating psychological safety at work, leading below the surface, or developing a common language around the dynamics that make up your workplace culture. Participants will get a chance to open up about their experiences, learn some new concepts, and practice skills they can use to create a culture of belonging. See our workshops page for topics and ideas.

One-on-one Coaching

Invest in individual leaders by hiring a coach who challenges them to make below the surface connections and behaviors an integral part of their role. Create a coaching strategy that combines one-on-one sessions with multiple executives, alignment meetings, and team (direct report) meetings to tackle big changes and experience impact deep within the organization.

Team Coaching

Our coaches can partner with any subgroup within your organization to get clear on their specific purpose and functions, clarify each member’s unique role, discern the power dynamics that exist, and then improve the overall team culture. We work with team members both individually and as a group. Changing the culture of one team, like your executive team or DEI council, has the power to influence the rest of the organization.

Roadmapping Sessions

During these sessions, we map out the systems and structures that will cement your work with the Change Coaches into lasting cultural change. We provide focused facilitation to address specific organizational goals in a way that uniquely considers all of the individuals doing the work to achieve them.


Conduct team-based or individual leadership assessments that measure your team’s current state. Our most used tool is the Change Coaches Leadership + Team Effectiveness Assessment®, but there are others we will consider at this stage as well. 

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