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Are you looking to engage your team in an impactful leadership development experience? Perhaps you are seeking something beyond training that sticks for the long haul?

Change Coaches offers a la carte and stand-alone customized workshops on DEIB, senior leadership, psychological safety, and team culture-related topics. These workshops can be bundled to form a Leadership Academy, and can be facilitated alongside our Leadership + Team Effectiveness Assessments® . All of our workshops are facilitated by two credentialed coaches and include a coaching element + live application.

On this page, you can browse through names and descriptions of our most booked workshops. If you are seeking a keynote-style presentation, check out our speaking page instead.

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Change Coaches Signature Workshops

*Leadership academies typically include three workshops + 1-2 group coaching APPLY™️ sessions. Clients may also elect to mix and match individual contributor and leadership workshops. All workshops can accommodate a 75, 90, or 120 minute timeframe.

Leadership Workshops Facilitated through a Belonging Lens

Leading Below the Surface™: Understanding the Type of Leadership that the Future Workplace Needs

The workplace is changing at an alarming rate. There are more generations in the workplace than ever, diversity and inclusion has evolved from an option to a must-have, and employees are working outside of a common space more than ever. All of these changes have caused dominant, traditional leadership approaches to become obsolete. In this workshop, we will gain an understanding of the future of work while challenging traditional leadership approaches. Participants will leave with a blueprint of their own personal leadership style that they will embrace in the future.

DISC Assessment: Understanding Your Leadership Style to More Effectively Work with People Who Are Different From You

At Change Coaches, we are trained in many different assessments. One of those is DISC. In this DISC workshop, we will explore the different DISC styles, how your team balances out, and how to manage our natural styles to work with colleagues and teams more effectively. We facilitate this course through a belonging lens. Pricing for this workshop includes a DISC report for every participant.

**We highly recommend combining the DISC workshop with a couple others to build out a comprehensive leadership academy. This workshop has limited effectiveness when it is offered on its own.

Psychological Safety: Why it’s a Vital Leadership Skill and Three Tactics You Can Use to Create it on Your Team

Facilitated through the lenses of belonging and trust, this session will explore psychological safety on a deep and advanced level. As an important concept that is often difficult to achieve, in this session, leaders will learn detailed ins and outs of psychological safety, common mishaps when trying to create psychological safety, tactics they can use to create it on their teams, and how to measure success. Participants will leave this session inspired; with specific and valuable actions they can immediately take on their team. 

**This workshop can be facilitated in one or two parts.

Creating a Sense of Belonging, Psychological Safety, and Accountability through Coaching

This two-part workshop focuses on the following topics: what is coaching, the tactical and strategic benefits of coaching, how to coach on a basic level, and how to specifically coach to create psychological safety, belonging, and trust. The format is hands-on and features a comprehensive coaching demonstration, opportunities to practice coaching skills within small groups, and a template you can use to stay on track.

**This workshop is intended to complement our Psychological Safety and Create a Culture of Belonging workshops.

Shifting from Manager to Leader: Exploring What Needs to Change to Be Successful at the Next Level

What is truly needed when shifting to a leadership position for the first time? In this course, we will explore what it takes to be an effective leader in today’s workplace. You will also gain an understanding of what competencies you might have “skipped over” in your leadership journey. Also, we will work both individually and collaboratively to devise a plan to move from a manager to leader mindset.

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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) Workshops

Creating a Culture of Belonging Through Leading Below the Surface™ (Manager Focused)

Facilitated from a management perspective, participants will learn what a culture of belonging looks like and how to create one through leading below the surface. After completion of this session, leaders will feel empowered to create a culture of belonging on their team(s). They will also have identified specific actions they can immediately take from one of the following areas: empathy, REAL leadership, and/or psychological safety.

Cultures of Belonging: What They Are and Your Role in Creating One (Individual Contributor Focused)

In this session, participants will learn what a culture of belonging looks like and how to create one through interacting below the surface. Upon completion of this session, participants will feel empowered to create a culture of belonging regardless of role. They will also have identified specific actions they can take from at least one of the following areas: empathy, REAL leadership, and/or psychological safety.

Equity, Power, and Privilege: Exploring These Important Concepts as Leaders (Part I)

In this session, leaders will experience the meaning of equity, power, and privilege. They will also understand how a true understanding of each of these terms (and the outcomes they produce) can help them build a culture of belonging within their teams. Upon completion of this session, participants will have an immediate clear path forward on actions they can take to incorporate the meaning of these terms on their team.

Equity, Power, and Privilege: Exploring These Important Concepts as Leaders (Part II)

Equity, Power, and Privilege (EPP) Part II builds on EPP Part I. While Part I provides a general overview of these concepts, Part II focuses on how to plan and engage in psychologically safe conversations when power is imbalanced. In this hands-on workshop, we will provide a conversation model and participants will have an opportunity to plan and practice an upcoming conversation they will be having in the near future.

How to Be An Amazing Ally

In this session, participants will learn three levels of allyship, myths, and how to apply an actionable allyship model. Upon completion of this session, participants will have a clear plan on what they need to be better allies moving forward. They will also be prepared to take action on next steps. 

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Are you excited about what the Change Coaches offers but want a specific example outlining how we have successfully worked with clients in the past?

You are in the right place. We know that we take a forward-thinking approach to our work so it may be markedly different from what you have experienced in the past. We are not a one-and-done coaching firm — whether it’s one workshop or a complete culture academy, we deliver all of our services in a coach-like way so the impact is deeper.

This case study outlines a Change Coaches Leadership Academy with a Digital Agency. The goal was to create leadership team alignment as they moved through organizational challenges.


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“We worked with Change Coaches on a large-scale DEI project. Both our board and our leadership team were very impressed with the coaches and the way they approached our time together. The scope included a mix of listening sessions, a DEI audit, leadership team coaching, and staff workshops. The results of our time together not only led to a laser-clear vision going forward, but also created a sense of urgency for a long-term shift to a culture of belonging.”

Libby Shortenhaus
CEO, Christopher House

“One of the best things about working with Change Coaches was their ability to meet us where we were. Instead of providing us with a boxed solution, Change Coaches took time to understand our specific organizational challenges. As a result of our work together, we not only gained clarity on what priorities were most important moving forward but we also were able to effectively and safely engage employees in that process.”

Damon Finazzo
VP, Larson Texts

“Working with LaTonya helped us develop a willingness for the team to dig deeper into the actual meaning of DEI versus just checking off the box because corporate says to make it a priority.”

Chelsey Stalker

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