In this episode of the Leading Below the Surface podcast, host LaTanya Wilkins interviews Kelly Campbell on the topic of “Healing to Lead.” Kelly shares insights from her book, “Heal to Lead,” discussing trauma, consciousness, and regenerative leadership. The conversation delves into personal healing journeys, the importance of radical responsibility, and the power of generative leadership. Kelly also touches on the concept of “The Great Remembering” and the significance of giving and receiving in the healing process.

Join LaTanya and Kelly as they explore the transformative power of healing and its impact on leadership. Discover practical tips for those starting their healing journey and insights for those feeling stuck in their progress. Don’t miss this enlightening discussion on finding connection, curiosity, and growth in the midst of personal and societal challenges.

Tips from Today’s Episode:

– Start with self-awareness and seek out trauma integration modalities

– Embrace vulnerability and lead with compassion

– Foster curiosity and openness to new healing practices

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