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The Change Coaches Leadership and Team Effectiveness Assessment® is the only valid and reliable tool measuring REAL leadership, belonging, and psychological safety all in one place. Leaders can elect to purchase the LEAD assessment tool a la carte or our most comprehensive ALIGN package which includes both LEAD and TEAM assessments. Each option includes an individual coaching session on scoring, results interpretation, and development planning. Through our experience, we know that change takes time so pulse surveys are also available for each product.

Did you know...

Only 10-15% of leaders are fully self-aware.

Employees who feel a sense of belonging are 56% more productive.

Only 26% of leaders create psychological safety for their teams

Pricing for our assessment vary based on different criteria, so if you are an organization interested in purchasing assessments for more than one leader, please download the pricing sheet for further information, and how to purchase. The purchase buttons below are for a single leader assessment only. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your best options, please email us at [email protected]

Interested in a FREE sample of the LEAD Assessment?

If you are interested in our assessment but want to check it out before committing, click to access a free partial version of the LEAD self-assessment.

This self-assessment tool measures leadership effectiveness based on our proprietary Leading Below the Surface REAL leadership archetype (relatable, equitable, aware, and loyal). This report includes an evaluation of leadership effectiveness, what you value, and suggestions on what to focus on moving forward.

This assessment expands on the LEAD Assessment with a TEAM evaluation. To produce a valid report, each team member will need to complete this assessment. Individual and team accountability measures are built into this report.

The ALIGN assessment adds to the TEAM assessment by also measuring team effectiveness based on belonging and psychological safety measures. We highly recommend this comprehensive assessment to all of our clients.

*All assessments include 60-minutes of coaching (in two 30-minutes sessions), development planning, and access to our Resource Library (access will be for 6 months).

Why work with Change Coaches?

Change Coaches is a team of leadership development professionals who work at the intersection between DEIB + leadership and team effectiveness. We are committed to changing workplace culture at its core. Our unique Leadership + Team Effectiveness assessment is aligned with this very commitment.

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