Change Coaches LEAD Assessment™️

The Change Coaches LEAD Assessment™️ is a diagnostic tool built around measures that are fundamental in the workplace today — REAL Leadership, Psychological Safety, and belonging. Our affordable evidenced informed leadership and team-based assessments are all accompanied by a 60-minute Coaching session and access to additional tools and resources.

Assessment Options

  • 66 questions 
  • REAL Leadership, Belonging, and Psychological Safety Self-assessment 
  • Includes 60-minute assessment coaching session and access to our Resource Library

LEAD may be for you if you:

  • Have been recently promoted into senior leadership and want to develop a data-informed 60 to 90 day team leadership plan.
  • Either run or are on the leadership team of a small company and don’t have big company resources for leadership development.
  • Are a people leader who is running a leadership development cohort.
  • Are partnering with Change Coaches on a leadership coaching package and want to know how how belonging and psychological safety may be affecting your leadership presence.
  • 66 questions per user 
  • REAL Leadership, Belonging, and Psychological Safety Self + Team Assessment
  • Includes 60-minute assessment coaching session and access to our Resource Library

LEAD+ may be for you if you:

  • Want to create a data-informed plan for building psychologically safe teams with a high sense of belonging.
  • Are leading a team in distress (high-growth, downsizing, or that are facing other challenges).
  • Are leading diverse, multi-generational,  or remote teams and want to improve team culture.
  • Are partnering with Change Coaches on a leadership coaching package and want a more focused alternative to a traditional 360 assessment.


 You can download an assessment summary one pager by clicking here.

Assessment Outcomes

We have received feedback that leaders particularly enjoy the design of the assessment – especially since it’s paired with a 60-minute coaching session. In these sessions, we not only discuss assessment results but many leaders ask us to coach them through specific situations or barriers they are facing while implementing concepts measured in the LEAD assessment such as building trust, creating psychologically safe teams, and effectively collaborating across differences. Leaders have expressed that they feel calmer, less stressed, and more confident about what’s next after the sessions. They also receive similar feedback from their teams — that they notice a shift.

Want to learn more? Click here to access a pre-recorded LEAD Assessment Demo where LaTonya Wilkins, Change Coaches Founder and CEO, walks you through a LEAD background, purchase options, outcomes, and an overview of the technology.

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The data that informs our assessment

Did you know that…

People who feel like they belong are three times as likely to have a greater sense of well-being — something that’s very important in healthcare today.

Workplace belonging leads to a 56% increase in job performance.

Organizations that build psychological safety for their employees see a 30% reduction in turnover, 40% reduction in safety incidents, and a 12% increase in productivity.

According to a Frontiers healthcare study, the more employees feel psychologically safe and like they belong, the better they are able to serve their patients. 

Sources: Qualtrics, BetterUp, and Gallup, Frontiers

Our assessment measures psychological safety, REAL leadership, and belonging in all one place. You can read more about REAL leadership and why it’s important here.

We also offer organizational-level options

Are you looking for assessments for multiple leaders? Or in combining assessments with leadership development?

If you are interested in having leaders across your organization take assessments concurrently, we offer cohort packages for our LEAD Assessment that include a group overview + prep session, an individual coaching session for each leader, as well as a cohort group coaching session.

Our signature Change Coaches Accelerators combine LEAD with coaching, group workshops, and our signature  APPLY™ sessions to develop your team in order to upgrade your team’s individual and team leadership approach.

You can also add the LEAD assessment to one of our leadership bundles. Bundle topics include:

  • Leading in Today’s Workplace, Building
  • Thriving in Cultures of Belonging
  • Leadership Coaching Fundamentals

Finally, we have a selection of leadership and DEIB workshops to choose from that can be combined with the assessment either individually or in a bundle designed for your organization’s needs

What we people are saying about our assessment

Why work with Change Coaches?

Change Coaches is a team of leadership development professionals who work at the intersection between DEIB + leadership and team effectiveness. We are committed to changing workplace culture at its core. Our unique Leadership + Team Effectiveness assessment is aligned with this very commitment.

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