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Every organization we work with faces different challenges. Some need help preparing leaders for today’s worplace. Others broadly want to create an environment that fosters psychological safety, REAL leadership, and cultures of belonging.

We partner with organizations both on a project and longer-term basis. Your organization may want to invest in one of these services individually, but many of our clients find more success by combining a few of them to create a program that’s custom-fit for their current and longer-term organizational needs.

At Change Coaches we work at the intersection of DEIB + leadership and team effectiveness. You will experience our unique approach throughout all our services.

Leadership + Professional Development

Are you looking for structured leadership or professional development in your organization? In addition to a la carte workshops, Change Coaches also offers signature Leadership Academy bundles including Leading in Today’s Workplace (Advanced DEI for Leaders), Building and Thriving in Cultures of Belonging (Advanced DEI for Individual Contributors) and Leadership Accelerators, and Leadership Coaching Fundamentals. Whether you are looking to improve relationships across your organization, build psychologically safe teams, or develop leaders to lead today’s teams, our bundles have you covered! 

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Leadership + Team Effectiveness Accelerator ™

Change Coaches offers customized leadership team coaching and development both through our signature Below the Surface Leadership accelerators and on an a la carte basis. These accelerators pair coaching and development with our Leadership + Team Effectiveness Assessment™️.

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Leadership + Team Effectiveness Assessment ™

Our proprietary Leadership + Team Effectiveness assessment measures the factors most important for leaders today. We offer both individual, group, and 180-team assessments that measure leadership effectiveness, belonging, and psychological safety in one place.

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One-on-One, Team, and Group Coaching

In addition to coaching leadership teams, we also offer one-on–one executive leadership, team, and group coaching. Our group coaching programs can be offered as part of a leadership academy or on an a la carte basis. If you are looking for coaching for multiple leaders, Change Coaches can work with your organization to supply multiple coaches.

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Expert Consulting + Facilitation

We expertly facilitate listening sessions, strategic planning projects, and team conflict resolution. The Change Coaches team will adapt to your organization’s needs, while also providing process guidance. We also provide DEIB consulting aligned to our Change Coaches methodologies.

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