In this episode of The Leading Below the Surface Podcast, LaTonya Wilkins welcomes Rebecca Paradiso de Sayu. Rebecca is the founder of the Institute for Collective Well-Being, a non-profit organization based in Madison, Wisconsin, focused on activating a sense of well-being and collective mental health within and among people in organizational settings. In our conversation, we explore how organizations can foster collective well-being through relational practices.

Tips from Today’s Episode:

-Ask where people already see glimpses of well-being in your organization, and build on those moments

-When someone shuts down or becomes defensive, pause to reflect on what that might be telling you about inclusion and well-being

-Suspend the need to know exactly where you’re going, and open to the creative process of collective well-being unfolding

Resources from today’s episode:

Institute for Collective Wellbeing

Rebecca’s LinkedIn

Change Coaches Guide to Create Psychological Safe Conversations Across Differences

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