In this insightful discussion, host LaTonya Wilkins welcomes queer coach and speaker Tara Robertson as she shares her journey of embracing her identity as a mixed-race, queer woman. She highlights the power of intergenerational LGBTQ+ communities, the resilience born from adversity, and the importance of celebrating queer joy. Tara offers a fresh perspective on allyship, encouraging listeners to focus on “being” rather than checklists. The conversation provides actionable takeaways for living authentically and increasing joy in daily life.

Tips from Today’s Episode:

-Reflect on moments when you felt truly authentic and joyful, and identify the essence of those experiences as your “superpowers.”

-During Pride Month, focus on “being” an ally through curiosity, advocacy, and openness, rather than simply following a list of actions.

-Increase your authenticity and joy by 10% each day through small, intentional acts that align with your true self.

Resources from today’s episode:

Tara’s LinkedIn

Change Coaches Guide to Create Psychological Safe Conversations Across Differences

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