On this week’s episode of the Leading Below the Surface podcast, LaTonya discusses the effects of anxiety and trauma in the workplace and outlines some concrete steps leaders can take to support employees through difficult situations. Whether it’s war, pandemics, elections, systemic oppression, or other traumatic world events, the truth is anxiety is at an all time high. How can you support employees through traumatic events? How can you support people in a way where they feel acknowledged and validated regardless of whether you “agree?” These questions and more will be answered in this episode. 

Tips from Today’s Episode:

-Build a collaborative culture with psychological safety front and center

-Reiterate your personal and company values 

-(Re)Communicate anti-discrimination policies

-Encourage and practice active (P2P and P2B) listening

-Prepare managers to facilitate difficult conversations

-Plan for the worst and hope for the best

Resources from today’s episode:

What does mental health have to do with below the surface leadership?

 -Global events add to workplace stress

-Yahoo news poll on the 2024 USA Election

-Post-COVID Stress

-The Effects of Layoffs on stress in the workplace

-Injuries and illness contribute to workplace stress

Article: How HR leaders can address the Israel Hamas war with employees

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