Change Coaches Accelerators

Accelerate your Leadership Growth and Become a Better Coach

Our Change Coaches Accelerators offer a unique opportunity to learn among a community, cohort, or within an organization. Accelerator participants will have access to our expert coaches, learning content, carefully curated live events, and our Change Coaches LEAD Assessments.

We will be offering two community accelerators in 2024: Navigating Today’s Workplace Accelerator and DEIB for Coaches. Both experiences will be offered on a community basis (individual enrollment), alongside our signature organizational options for entities ranging from corporations to non-profit organizations.

More About Our Community Accelerators

Both of our accelerators will be 12-week accelerated leadership development experiences for:

  • HR and DEI Leaders
  • Higher Education and Non-Profit Leaders
  • Middle Managers
  • Leaders within small to mid-sized companies
  • People who feel like they might be going in circles and want to lead in today’s times
  • Credentialed Coaches who want to connect better with clients by bringing more DEIB concepts into their coaching relationships

Participating in the Accelerator will include coaching sessions and demos, a Change Coaches LEAD Assessment, and four live learning group sessions along with asynchronous learning opportunities.

The Community Accelerators will only be offered a few times a year with limited cohort sizes. You can learn more and join our waitlist via the button below.

More About Our Organizational Accelerators

Change Coaches Leadership Accelerators are custom, data-driven, leadership development experiences. Each accelerator kicks off with an assessment, and upon completion of it, the Change Coaches Team will deliver a collective summary report of strengths and development opportunities within the organization. Specific accelerator experience options include individual and team coaching, group workshops, and APPLY™️ sessions. After completing an accelerator, leadership teams will have a comprehensive roadmap and guided support to build cultures of belonging, psychologically safe teams, accountability, and trust across the organization.


    • Day-to-Day Coaching for Leaders
    • Intergenerational Workplaces: How to Be an Amazing Colleague Across Generations
    • Change Coaches LEAD Assessment Overview and Prep Session
    • Psychological Safety: Why it’s a Vital Leadership Skill and Three Ways to Create it on Your Team

    Note: Workshop options can be customized based on unique client needs (see our full list of available workshops here).

    Why work with Change Coaches?

    Change Coaches is a team of leadership development professionals who work at the intersection between DEIB + leadership and team effectiveness. We are committed to changing workplace culture at its core. Our unique Leadership + Team Effectiveness assessment is aligned with this very commitment.

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