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Elevate your leadership group through leadership development including – dynamic DEIB, senior leadership, and culture workshops – enriched by expert coaching and real-world integrations. Our workshops are unique in that not only do they integrate coaching but they also feature full or certain aspects of our Change Coaches LEAD Assessment.

Clients also have the option to fully integrate our assessments in a full Leadership Academy Bundle.

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At Change Coaches, we naturally integrate coaching techniques with leadership development workshop facilitation. Here are a few benefits of approaching our work this way:


Improved Relationships


Improved Communication Skills


Improved Interpersonal Skills


Improved Work Performance

Source: International Coaching Federation

Featured Leadership + Coaching Workshops

Leading Below the Surface:

Becoming the Type of Leader that the Future Workplace DEmands

The workplace is changing at an alarming rate. There are more generations in the workplace than ever, AI has arrived, and employees are working outside of a common space more than ever. All these changes (and more) have caused dominant, traditional leadership approaches to become obsolete. With a workforce that demands belonging, it’s important for leaders to acknowledge the rapidly shifting landscape by getting Below the Surface within their teams. In this workshop, we will gain an understanding of the future of work while challenging traditional leadership approaches. Participants will leave with a blueprint of their own personal leadership style that they will embrace in the future to keep up with the pace of the changing workplace.

Creating a Sense of Belonging, Psychological Safety, and Trust through Coaching

According to HCI, over half (51%) of organizations with a strong coaching culture have higher revenue than other, similar companies without the same culture. 62% of employees in these organizations also feel highly engaged. But, what if increased employee engagement as a result of coaching is only a start? In this workshop, participants will learn what coaching is, explore its benefits, learn the differences between tactical and strategic coaching, and have the opportunity to practice newly learned coaching skills. Participants will also explore how to use coaching to create psychological safety, belonging, accountability, and trust. The format is hands-on and features a comprehensive coaching demonstration, opportunities to practice coaching skills within small groups, and structured time for each participant to develop goals and a coaching approach within their own teams.

From Leader to Senior Leader:

Exploring what needs to change to be successful at the next level

What is truly needed when shifting to a senior leadership position for the first time? In this course, we will explore what it takes to be an effective senior leader in today’s workplace. You will also gain an understanding of what competencies you might have “skipped over” in your leadership journey. Participants will work both individually and collaboratively to devise plans to move from a leader to senior leader mindset.

Bundle workshops for a customized

Leadership Academy

*Leadership Academies typically include three workshops + 1-2 group coaching APPLY™ sessions. Clients may choose to mix and match individual contributor and leadership workshops. All workshops can accommodate a 75, 90 or 120 minute timeframe.

Featured Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Workshops

Creating a Culture of Belonging Through Leading Below the Surface™

(Manager Focused)

The modern workplace demands that leaders cultivate a sense of belonging. This workshop will explore this very demand, examine what a culture of belonging looks like, and discuss how to create one by leading Below the Surface. This workshop includes a real-time assessment, allowing participants will leave with specific ideas that can help them create a culture of belonging on their team(s). They will also identify specific actions they can immediately take from at least one of the following areas: empathy, REAL leadership, and/or psychological safety.

Exploring Cultures of Belonging:

What They Are and Your Role in Creating Them
(Individual Contributor Focused)

In this session, participants will learn what a culture of belonging looks like and how to create one through interacting below the surface. Upon completion of this session, participants will feel empowered to create a culture of belonging regardless of role. This workshop includes a real-time assessment, allowing participants to leave with specific ideas that can help them create a culture of belonging on their team(s).

Intergenerational Workplaces:

How to Be an Amazing Colleague Across Generations

“Back in my day,” and “nobody wants to work anymore” are two commonly heard phrases that foster animosity and factions in the workplace. In times where teams can include up to five generations, becoming an amazing colleague across generations is more important than ever. Learn how to Lead Below the Surface to break down these generational barriers and build REAL relationships across age groups.

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You are in the right place. We take a forward- thinking approach to our work so it may be markedly different from what you have experienced in the past. We are not a one-and-done coaching firm – whether it’s one workshop or a complete culture academy, we deliver all of our services in a coach-like way so the impact is deeper.

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