In this episode LaTonya welcomes special guest Farah Harris. Farah Harris is a psychotherapist and workplace belonging and well-being expert dedicated to disrupting unhealthy work environments. She is the founder and CEO of WorkingWell Daily®, a company that approaches workplace belonging and well-being from a psycho-social and emotional intelligence lens. Farah has helped individuals and Fortune 500 companies develop healthier workplaces where employees want to stay and thrive because their leaders and teams have grown in empathy, self-awareness, social awareness, and cultural awareness. Her work has been featured in media and podcast platforms such as Forbes, Fast Company, Business Insider, Harvard Business Review, Huffington Post, Essence, Good Morning America, Martha Stewart, Thrive Global, and Therapy for Black Girls.

Farah is also the author of the international bestselling book, The Color of Emotional Intelligence: Elevating Our Self and Social Awareness to Address Inequities, a groundbreaking exploration of how cultural background and identity influence our emotional intelligence and shape our relationships with others.

Tips from Today’s Episode:

-Be aware of yourself and how to read the room

-Self check: “how do I feel right now?”

-If you have a low EQ reaction, make sure you rebound with a high EQ response

-EQ is a muscle and requires constant practice.

Resources from today’s episode:

-Link for Farah’s book: The Color of Emotional Intelligence

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