In this episode, LaTonya Wilkins dives into the topic: “What is Trauma Intelligence?” with special guest Blythe Landry. Blythe is a dually mastered LCSW/MSW and M.Ed with 20 years of experience helping people around the world recover from trauma, grief, and addictions. She is also a certified Grief Recovery Method specialist, Death Doula, and the creator of Trauma Intelligence Training. Blythe’s passion is serving those who are in seemingly insurmountable pain and guiding them to find healing and hope.

LaTonya and Blythe talk about trauma dumping, trauma in the workplace, and how to support those dealing with unresolved trauma. Blythe discusses the 5 types of trauma and trauma-sensitive approaches to have supportive and impactful conversations with those affected by trauma.

Tips from Today’s Episode:

-Don’t be afraid to look within. We tend to look outward but what’s missing may be inside.

-If you understand trauma, you can understand why some things happen at work.

-Instead of avoiding difficult conversations, reframe them.

Resources from today’s episode:

Blythe’s book: Trauma Intelligence: The Art of Helping

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