Host LaTonya Wilkins discusses the challenges faced by Black women in leadership roles, particularly focusing on the concept of the “glass cliff” and its impact on Dr. Claudine Gay, Harvard’s first Black woman president. The episode also discusses several other examples of Black women who have been pushed off this cliff after being hired to lead during difficult times (Rosalind Brewer at Walgreens Boots Alliance, and Nataki Garrett at Oregon Shakespeare Festival) as well as how labeling “the first” can detract from genuine belonging. Finally, LaTonya wraps up with 3 actionable tips to avoid the “glass cliff” in your organization. 

Tips from Today’s Episode:

-Call it Out: Address situations directly.

-See Something, Say Something: Be observant in your workplace; if you notice discriminatory behavior, bring it up with your team or management.

-Focus on Structures and Systems: Work towards creating sustainable change by addressing systemic issues within organizations rather than just pointing fingers.

Resources from today’s episode:

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