What is the current state of DEI today? In this episode, LaTonya dives into three bleak statistics, and three hopeful statistics around DEI while exploring how Affirmative Action plays a role. She also discusses how belonging and psychological safety come into play. The episode ends with a few tips on how to navigate the shifts in the DEI industry, and things you can do today to maintain it as a primary organizational focus.

3 Tips from Today’s Episode:

-This is nothing new; embrace what is going on, and speak up to drive change.

-Don’t let fear guide your decisions.

-Evaluate what you’re doing and why. What’s working? What’s not working?

Resources from today’s episode:

“Bleak” Statistic Sources

Only 5% of recruiters say that DEI Efforts are in their top three priorities

DEI related job listings are down 19%

1 in 3 DEI Professionals Lost their job between late 2020 to late 2021

Other Sources

-Article – Everyone needs to have a role in DEI 

5 steps to use coaching to create DEI structures at work 

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