Six Sigma Black Belts, quiet quitting, core competencies, and industry best practices – all of these are business fads that made us cringe, and, ultimately didn’t stick around. Will psychological safety be the next big fad or is it here to stay? In this episode, LaTonya Wilkins explores this exact question. She also discusses what psychological safety is, what it is not, and why it is here to stay.

Tips from Today’s Episode:

-Belonging is here to stay

-Equity is here to stay

-Coaching is here to stay

-Employee engagement is here to stay

-Design thinking is here to stay

Resources from today’s episode:

-For More on the Book Leading Below the Surface pg. 113

Gallup Report on psychological safety

Article on team psychological safety score and managers’ rating of skills

Article on correlation between manager skills with psychological safety and increase in revenue

HBR study on psychological safety and diversity

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