Ellen Taaffe, a former Fortune 50 senior executive turned board director, professor, leadership coach, and author, joins host, LaTonya Wilkins, on The Leading Below the Surface Podcast. Beyond her corporate achievements, Ellen’s impactful work as an author, particularly with her book “The Mirrored Door: Break Through the Hidden Barrier that Locks Successful Women in Place,” is a vital resource for women navigating the complexities of the workplace. In this conversation, LaTonya and Ellen dissect the challenges and strategies for women’s advancement in the workplace. Specifically, they cover the concept of “The Mirrored Door”, how leaders can support women, as well as five tips to propel women forward.

Tips from Today’s Episode:

-How to encourage women to raise their hands for new opportunities before they feel completely “ready.”

-How to help women see the potential that they have.

-Effective ways to deliver feedback – especially to women.

Resources from today’s episode:


Ellen LinkedIn

The Mirrored Door Workbook

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