Host LaTonya Wilkins welcomes special guest, Rhodes Perry, a celebrated author and influential community builder to the podcast. Rhodes has made significant strides in fostering inclusive environments both in and out of the workplace. With a rich background that includes working in the White House and the Department of Justice, Rhodes has been featured in numerous publications for his groundbreaking work. His best-selling books, “Belonging at Work” and “Imagine Belonging,” alongside his creation of the Belonging Circle, showcase his commitment to building communities where everyone feels they belong. In this episode of The Leading Below the Surface Podcast, we sit down with Rhodes to discuss the importance of visibility and inclusion for transgender individuals in the workplace and beyond.

Tips from Today’s Episode:

-Encourage Exposure and Education: Increase your exposure to transgender communities and educate yourself and your team on transgender experiences and challenges. Utilize resources like the 2022 US Trans Survey to dispel myths and understand the realities of transgender lives.

-Challenge Misinformation: Actively challenge misinformation when you encounter it. Simple questions like “Where did you hear that?” can prompt reflection and encourage more accurate understanding and discussions.

-Reflect on Personal Gender Experiences: Encourage your team to reflect on their own experiences with gender and how societal expectations have impacted them. This can foster empathy and a deeper understanding of the need for gender inclusivity and expression freedom.

Resources from today’s episode:

Link 2022 US Trans Survey

Link to “Belonging at Work” the book

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