In this episode of The Leading Below the Surface Podcast, we’re diving deep into the concept of psychological safety. Host, LaTonya Wilkins, is joined by an extraordinary guest, Elisa Glick. Dr. Elisa Glick is a DEIB practitioner and thought leader who is passionate about building cultures where everyone can thrive. An award-winning educator and author, Dr. Glick is the first openly gay faculty member specializing in queer studies to be tenured at the University of Missouri, where she is Associate Professor Emerita.

Join us as Elisa Glick shares her insights on leveraging vulnerability, active listening, and boundary-setting to champion psychological safety and inclusion in any setting. Discover how to lead courageously and create spaces where difficult conversations can lead to meaningful change.

Tips from Today’s Episode:

-Embrace vulnerability: Sharing personal stories and challenges can humanize leaders, making it easier for others to open up.

-Listen actively: Prioritize understanding over responding, and approach conversations with the intent to learn.

-Set clear boundaries: Establish and communicate the rules of engagement to ensure respectful and productive discussions.

Resources from today’s episode:

Elisa’s LinkedIn

Change Coaches Guide to Create Psychological Safe Conversations Across Differences

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