In this candid episode, LaTonya Wilkins, founder of Change Coaches and author of Leading Below the Surface, shares her personal mental health journey and a three-step process to increase mental health in the workplace. Through vulnerable storytelling, she explores significant traumas she has faced in life, and describes how she navigated these experiences through mental health awareness, healing, and expansion. She also discusses how people can reflect on her experiences, encourage storytelling, and apply the three-step process to create more mental health in the workplace.

Tips from Today’s Episode:

-Create Awareness: Create safe spaces for employees to share their personal stories and experiences related to mental health. This fosters empathy, awareness, and connectedness within the organization

-Establish Healing Circles: Implement structured or informal “healing circles” where employees can express their fears, concerns, or challenges. This can create a sense of community within your organization.

-Foster Acceptance and Expansion: Embrace the idea of “expansion” or exploring possibilities for growth and personal development.

Resources from today’s episode:

Change Coaches Guide to Create Psychological Safe Conversations Across Differences

How to Support Employees During Times of Distress

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